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Oh marco what a cheeky monkey

so for the last couple...well I should say day I have been watching scrubs....yeah the stupid doctor show with zach braff
so I was on season five...and it started to get slow...and seeing that I go Season two of supernatural...(see below for more of that) I put on hold...
but then I finally got around to watching it...and it getting good
-dr. cox had his second baby...
-the nurse dies
-carla had her baby

but the only reason I keep watching it is that I want to know one plot...
at the end of season five JD found out his girlfriend was prego too...but then she left for a job far when the ultrasound came around he wanted to be there...but she told him she had a miscarrige(or how ever you spelll that.....) but the end of the eps she was having the I REALLY want to know if he finds out......

in other news Sammy had a sex scene in supernatural....with a werewolf...It was sooo hot.....
boo to only one scene per brother per season...dean had the last one.....

got my new drives me up the wall....but it's cool...trying to find out what to do about the other one....

school starts in 3 weeks!!!!!!

I match todcay...everything is PInk and black!!
score one for the steph!!!

so I have to let you go now....journal...sounds like I'm talking on the phone I'm finally going to get pho...that I have been craving for ever!!!!


SCORE TWO for me!!!!
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