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what a '66 mustang? no way!

so this weekend was intresting...
I babysat
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so this weekend was intresting...
I babysat <lj-username"snoozing_ktten> sibllings...we had a hell of a time..
but the way to make the quiet and sit down was watch supernatural...yes..the scary ghost tv show...
hell It's one of my favourites and their big sisters so they liked it...
we watched all season 2. and by the end they were saying
"when you find out you have a twin you call them up and go out for a beer not start killing people!" -danny's personal favourite
"I could really go for some pee soup!"
"did you bring quarters"
"you know what your bossy and short!"

they found it amussing..but scary at some point..well mati did....danny went eww and the sam sex scene.

I would say this weekend was a good think..i didn't work..which make me happy!

but now I must on the search for little debbie brownies...I CRAVE them....
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