Retarded Alarm Clock (m_mqueen) wrote,
Retarded Alarm Clock

who wants chicken?

New things in my life
-OMFG I have a new baby kittren I have to feed it every 3 hours!!! but he is soo cute!
-my second toe on my left foot is numb
-work makes me sleepy
-got new CDs....some house mix cds and some spanish man that makes me happy in the pants!
-I am no auburn!
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Lol yay for random spanish men XD

... no you're not? 8D
It’s slowly driving him mad, like an itch, it’s there just under his skin and he just can’t reach it. It’s daytime, Dean’s out getting food; and Sam can almost see him, sprawled in a booth the way he would when they would go out and get food together, smiling his special smile at the waitress. He’d stopped going with him after the first few days because it was always awkward to sit there, drinking water and watching Dean eat; people looked at them, looked at him and it made his skin crawl now.

“Sammy, hey Sammy.” Dean is standing at the door, half out of his leather jacket and looking at him with that squinty look he’s got recently. He gets that look when he’s trying to figure out how to fix something when he doesn’t even know what’s wrong.

“Yeah.” He has to close his eyes, he can sense the throb of Dean’s heart, hear the echo of his pulse- and it hurts.

“You’re not okay are you?” Dean’s closer now and Sam needs to push him away, but he just can’t manage it, so he draws in on himself curling tighter. “Are you hungry? I brought you some O-positive this time, yummy.”

He drinks it down cold lips wrapped around the blood packet not even bothering with a cup, and his stomach clenches, it’s disgusting; but he needs it to live- it does nothing for the itch. Later, Dean doesn’t say anything, wordlessly letting Sam fall to a crouch in front of him, even gives a tight nod when he looks up through his bangs wordlessly asking for permission. The button pops, the zipper crawling down, Dean’s only half hard when he takes his cock in his mouth but it doesn’t bother him. He can feel the rush of blood against his tongue, this way he can take the heartbeat inside him and make it his own.

Dean came with a strangled groan, hands fisted white-knuckle tight in the cheap bedspread. He drank it all down, humming his own pleasure, and for a while the itch was scratched.

Semen after all is little different then blood.