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because this is my united states of whatever!

okay so I have the audio rip of fly to the sky singing billie jean so I thought I would look it up on see the video...
It was there
things that are soo cool that happen in it....
1.its ftts singing MJ....
2.minwoo is there dance like crazy to it....
3.when they srew up the song(due to fany) the floor falls but fany holds on to the bars and brain fall into a big pile of something..It was the best thing ever!!!!

in other news kelsey and I have named her imaginary friend emu that yells salmon jean guy b/c he is sooo french!!!!

yep I'm weird

I also have a new rideau guy...this time from the source...I like tech comp guys.....


saw pic from lim lady's wedding wannie looked hot in his pants....

and kang ta looks cool....and contrasted with what sungie wore it scared me
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