Retarded Alarm Clock (m_mqueen) wrote,
Retarded Alarm Clock

it's been awhile

so what has happened since the last timne I posted....
which was awhile ago

we got a hell alot more snow....but's not like -30 like it used to be!!! I kinda miss the cold......NAH!
I'm in my last week of school before co-op and reading week!!!
my co-op is at Handa Travel in centre-town....I'm going to be a real travel agent.
but firts have to get through many many test...
but then it's three weels of NO SWEL!!!!
I'm sick of it...
not enoght to quit..sooo close!!!

I'm also looking for a new job...I sick of Dairy Queen....
I'm also become addicted to Yamapi...and JIn...It scares me. I thought I left the JE boys alone ..and moved on to big and better things...but BAM they hit me again...just like the tini part of an appletini.....
why those two.....
most likely b/c I watched all of Propasal Daisakusen....
and jin...probaly becasue he's hot....he really is...

I also is in *LOVE* With Junno in lips....kame was soo noraml...but he was the PV
so don't know how long the JE relapse will last but for now it will stay....sorry sexy korean boys

p.s. I have a stupid dog........
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